First Nations dance group share stage with Fatboy Slim at Glatsonbury Festival

The stage transformed into a Warraloo, the Noongar word for ‘dragonfly’, infront of hundreds of thousands of people at Glastonbury Festival.

Fatboy Slim joins Gya Ngoop Keeninyarra dance group on stage. Credit: Claudia Rayne

First Nations culture has been celebrated on the world stage, with an appearance by a Noongar dance group at Glatsonbury Festival.

Gya Ngoop Keeninyarr performed in front of over 200,000 attendees at the festival in England.

The group shared the stage with iconic DJ Fatboy Slim, performing a Warraloo Welcome Ceremony.

The stage transformed in to a Warraloo, the Noongar word for ‘dragonfly’.

The Warraloo transformed the Glatsonbury stage. Credit: Sarah Finn

The Warraloo, built from an ex-military Royal Navy helicopter, represents the changing of a season.

Noongar artist Barry McGuire helped create the Warraloo.

Mr McGuire said that it was a special moment to be able to share Noongar culture and storytelling with the world.

“The beauty of standing on an international stage is the chance to share our connection to all living things,” he told the National Indigenous Times.

“If we as the human race look back to the First Stories - look back far enough into our culture - we’ll see the connection to all peoples and the synergies of life.”

The Gya Ngoop dance group keep Traditional Noongar dance and song alive. In 2022, the group performed in Swan Lake.